Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Some lucky women are not only exceptionally beautiful, blessed with a voice that is like a lullaby but who also emit pure goodness and contagious positivity. One of these women is the luminous MARY STEENBURGEN. Mary grew up in North Little Rock, Arkansas to two wonderful parents. She made her way to NYC where Jack Nicholson discovered her himself in a reception area of Paramount Pictures in New York City. He wasted no time casting her as his lead in the second film he would direct in 1978's "Goin' South." From there, Hollywood had discovered her talent as well as her film-melting radiance. Mary won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress as well as the Golden Globe in 1981 for her magnificent work in "Melvin and Howard." Her insane amount of film work include "What's Eating Gilbert Grape," "Nixon," "Back to the Future Part 3," "Elf," "Stepbrothers," and most recently "Four Christmases" and "The Proposal." It was widely rumored she was first choice for Julia Robert's role in "Pretty Woman." Adding to her work, a starring role in the television show "Ink" with husband Ted Danson, a series regular on CBS's "Joan of Arcadia" and a fab appearance on HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm." Not only winning the most prestigious of awards, she also has endless nominations. Mary received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2009. Her latest accomplishment is the well-received film "Dirty Girl" which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in September 2010. Once married to Malcolm McDowell in 1980, they had two children, Lilly and Charlie. Mary has now been happily married to Ted Danson since 1995.

Here, GS&E shares an EXCLUSIVE interview with MARY STEENBURGEN about her secrets to her beauty:


It is hard for me to do interviews about my beauty regimens because they are so odd, in a way, and definitely not for everyone. First of all, even though it is a cliche, there is no substitute for laughter and love. They do more to make people beautiful than anything. My mother, Nell, and her sister, Lillian, wouldn't know a fruit acid peel from a hole in the ground and they were both gorgeous. All because of how they lived and loved.
I eat a primarily vegetarian diet. And I have lots of little, as my family calls them "woo-woo" quirks, most of which I think I will keep to myself. Here are a few that I will share: I love Young Living Essential Oils and their skincare line. It is expensive but wonderful and very pure. I love Arcona products, also very pure, and their amazing facials. When I am in NYC, I love to visit Pratima for their facials and their products are also gorgeous. I'm not a gym rat but I love hiking with my dogs. I just got back from a hike through the orange and avocado groves with them this morning.
I do TM (transcendental meditation) when I wake in the morning. It makes whatever stresses the day might bring much easier to deal with. It also helps with energy and the fact that I am constantly changing time zones due to travel. I am a candle freak, so much so that I started my own candle company with my daughter Lilly McDowell. It is called Nell's Compass and you can go to to see our gorgeous (we think!) product.


I try to frequently "scare myself" by doing things that I have never tried and, most of which, logic or fear would tell me I can not do. What I don't do is think about aging very much. There are too many other funny, wonderful and fascinating things to obsess on that I can actually make an impact on. I like being the age I am and I am grateful to be alive at such an amazing moment in time.

Mary is one of those women full of grace and class whose success is not surprising not just for her talent but for who she is.

"Something you create yourself is the best kind of present." - JACKIE KENNEDY

Mary inspires us all.


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