Saturday, December 11, 2010


No one wants to admit they have seen Grease 2. No one especially wants to admit that they love it. Regardless of any opinion on the film's place in cinematic history, it can't be lost on the world that this movie is what captured the luminous magic of Michelle Pfeiffer before she became a huge star. This movie serves as an absolute valentine to her beauty.

So, I almost had a fender-bender as I drove down 3rd Street this week past the gorgeous clothing store Diavolina in LA to see "A Girl For All Seasons" (a scene from the film) as their front window display. Stephanie Zinone (MP) in white, standing center stage, as the other Pink Ladies, in their various holiday months, pose on her two sides. So I am not the only one obviously that is always happy to see it on my Tivo guide. But still, don't tell anyone I said that.

She ain't no one's trophy, Goose.

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