Saturday, December 4, 2010


It used to be such an American tradition that little girls loved and wanted their Barbies. Like me. In third grade at my private elementary school, me and my best friend were two Barbie dolls as the 80's "Barbie and the Rockers" doll in our 3rd grade talent show. I believe I am still trying to get the roll-on glitter out of my hair today. I still know the words to that Barbie song that came as a cassette in the "Rocker Barbie" box. I was so happy and warmed as an adult to find Assouline's $500, 198 paged "BARBIE" coffee table book. It really gives the love to this little plastic wonder that has always meant so much to me. It shows Barbie's history and her impact on fashion over the years. She has transformed as we all do, but she keeps the same demure and classic state that I appreciate that the world has, even if you have to look deep these days to find it. I sure sound like an old lady saying that!
Anyway, still not sure what Mattel felt Skipper was needed for........

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