Sunday, August 8, 2010

our secret of disneyland...

I am already book crazy...way too much money is spent at the counter of Barnes and Noble at the Grove and Borders on Vine and Amazonnnn - yikes! The UPS man is so over delivering heavy boxes to my door. The shelves and piles by the bed and the desks are O-O-C. The latest obsession is collecting books on secrets of Disneyland. Sounds like an easy thing to google but it isn't! I have found about four so far. It makes me want to do one myself. It is truly one of my favorite places in the world. The hotter the day, the better. Was once on the Matterhorn and it stopped - dead stopped - in one of the dark tunnels with the red abominable snowman monster eyes blinking. Still heard the other sleds twirling and was completely ready to be bashed in the back of our sled and have Alice and Cinderella carry our coffin to the Haunted Mansion for burial.
Everyone's sleds eventually stopped and lights went on inside the mountain. Have to say the magic was a little lost seeing railings and white paint leading the way to passageway doors inside. The park character members in their leiderhosen led us out of the sled and down the inside of the steep mountain slope and into one of those doors. Inside they demanded we not take pictures so we do not "spoil the magic." We passed boxes of fake snow and were led to a side door with steps that dropped us out in front of the Alice ride. That is my "secret of Disneyland."
Didn't stop us from skipping over to Splash Mountain and eventually walking out of the park hours later with our pounds of Mickey Mouse Honeycomb. If we are going to die, let it be smelling like their Story Book ride water and churros.

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